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Your 5 Advantages

  1. More than 25 years of leadership in the sector. ​
  2. Lowest prices without compromising on quality. USB, CD and DVD prices are among the cheapest in Europe.
  3. The use of high-quality materials for USB, duplication, replication , packaging, printing always with an eye on the environment.
  4. Creative graphic design services as well as professional printing-techniques and printing.
  5. Handling of copyright and legal obligations.

CD-, DVD and USB-flash drives

Bizdata is the ideal partner for copy, duplication, replication, pressing and printing of CD's, DVD's and USB products with a 100% guarantee of quality and operation. Also for the less common productions like Vinyl or Blu-ray, Bizdata is the right patner.

As specialists with extensive product knowledge Bizdata offers you advice, creates, and/or fulfills the entire development and realization of your CD, DVD and USB productions. By that, our Artwork team is always keen to occupy themselves with the printing and/or artistic design of your project. 

You will also find the widest selection of printed packaging and creative designs at Bizdata.

Important remark: Bizdata offers the best prices in Europe.

Duplication CD and DVD

USB Flash drives
CD-, DVD and USB-flash drives

USB Keys

Check out our extensive range of printed USB keys, USB cards, USB pens and Flash memory cards. Ideal for gifts and publicity/promotions. Bizdata can deliver about every possible types or version of USB products.

Need for loading business presentations, movies and/or photos, PDFs or other documents on the USB stick ? We load it for you in the desired quantities so a finished (advertising)product can be delivered directly to your audience/customers.

Bizdata imports its USB components directly from the manufacturer and first - tier suppliers, so we can offer very beneficial if not the lowest price guarantee for USB products.

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Printed USB sticks with logo as advertising

Your 5 guaranties at Bizdata

  1. 20 year warranty on data loss
  2. The printing is scratch-, water- and UV resistant
  3. 20 year warranty on the printing
  4. 100% operation guarantee
  5. 100% quality of duplication, pressing, replication, printing and packaging

Our customers

  • Publishers: Games, Movies, Music, Magazines, Educational material, Multimedia
  • Studios, Advertising companies and Printing
  • Software companies
  • Artists / Record Labels
  • Sector Medical and Healthcare , Liberal professions
  • Institutions and Associations